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the BEST Kosher bakery in los angeles

OK Certified ⋅ Parve ⋅ Dairy ⋅ Cholov Yisroel ⋅ Pat Yisroel ⋅ Yoshon


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Mensch Bakery is the first class French bakery by Chef Yoav Rogel.

After years of being told by his friends and family that his food was amazing, Yoav Rogel decided to open his own bakery. Being dissatisfied with the quality of most Kosher food in Los Angeles, Yoav decided to open his bakery in a religious neighborhood where his food would have to be OK certified if he wanted to sell any of it. Using the highest quality ingredients he could find, Yoav crafted flavors and textures that are unaparalelled in quality to this day.



+1 (323) 954-1250



7122 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036



Sun-Thu 7a–6p
Fri Summer: 7a–5p
Fri Winter 7a-3p
Sat Closed

order online

This feature will be added in a future update. For now you can order by calling (323) 954-1250